Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Top 20 wealthiest Canadian musicians

I came across this interesting analysis of richest Canadian musicians of all time by estimated net worth. I don't know how reliable this list is, but it shows:

  1. Celine Dion: $800 million
  2. Shania Twain: $400 million
  3. The Weeknd: $300 million
  4. Justin Bieber: $285 million
  5. Dan Akyroyd: $250 million
  6. Drake: $250 million
  7. Neil Young: $ 200 million
  8. David Foster: $150 million
  9. Joni Mitchell: $100 million
  10. William Shatner: $100 million
  11. Paul Anka: $80 million
  12. Michael Bublé: $80 million
  13. Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) $100 million
  14. Brian Adams: $75 million
  15. Ryan Peake (Nickelback): $65 million
  16. Avril Lavigne: $60 million
  17. Alanis Morissette: $60 million
  18. Mylène Farmer: $50 million
  19. Sarah McLachlan: $50 million
  20. Anne Murray: $50 million

Most of these are to be expected, although I might have expected Drake to be higher. A few you might think "what are they doing in there?" (William Shatner? He is, of course, mainly an actor, and that's how he made most of his money, but he has appeared on songs with several bands. Dan Aykroyd? Ditto, but was also active for years in the Blues Brothers Band.) A few you might say, "Who the hell are they?" (David Foster was a writer and producer, particularly in the 1970s, apparently quite a lucrative gig. Mylène Farmer is from Quebec, but made her name in France.)

Just goes to show, though, you can still make serious money if you make it big in pop music.

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