Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Some World Cup annoyances and pet peeves

It's not been a bad World Cup, as World Cups go, despite the fact that it is happening in Qatar in December, which is ALL WRONG. Some good games, some surprises, some underdog action.

But there have also been a bunch of annoying/boring aspects, many of them recurring themes for decades, not least among them:

  • Constant fouls, comme toujours.
  • Almost as constant dives by people who really should know better.
  • Those haircuts...
  • The constant whistling by Moroccan fans when their side does not have the ball (they assure us it is not disrespectful, that it is perfectly normal in Morocco, but disrespectful and annoying is exactly what it is designed to be).
  • Those tattoos...
  • And, finally, the knee-jerk claims for throw-ins by both sides, even when it is crystal clear whose ball it should be.
Yes, I would maybe have liked to have seen a Morocco v Croatia final, but that was not to be (hell, I would have liked to have seen a Canada v Wales final, but that was definitely not to be). But, given the predictable Argentina v France final we have ended up with, can they at least fix some of those annoyances for me? Fat chance. At least, there won't be any annoying Moroccan whistles in the final...

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