Saturday, December 24, 2022

Japan's idea of an animé "prank"

Well, this is seriously messed up. Apparently, Japanese animé characters regularly can be seen to perform what is usually described as a "prank" (he he he) known as kancho.

Kancho is actually an old slang term for an enema, and it involves forming the hands into a two-handed pistol shape with index fingers extended. The fingers are then inserted into the anus of another person as a "prank". I kid you not. It could be another child, it could be an adult, a family member, a teacher. This is considered a cool and highly humorous practical joke.

This has been featured in animé comics at least since the 1970s, and it is hypothesized that the idea came from a vaguely similar Shaolin Temple Boxing martial arts move which involves incapacitating a foe by attacking their perineum (I kid you not about that either).

Funny people the Japanese. I'm not sure if this happens in real life too, but remind me not to go to Japan. Just in case. Oh, and remind me not to to take up Shaolin Temple Boxing either.

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