Friday, November 19, 2021

What it's like to be pro-vaccination in Tennessee

Here is a compelling video from the BBC, about a couple living in Tennessee who were basically hounded out of the state because of their (perfectly reasonable) views on COVID-19, vaccinations, masks, etc.

The woman is a seasoned doctor, and she was given responsibility for the state's vaccination roll-out. Her husband worked for a local school board and was involved in the pandemic response of area schools. They had both lived in Tennessee for most of their lives, and were looking forward to retiring soon in their "forever home".

Unfortunately, they both ran afoul of Tennessee's virulent far-right politics and media, and received threats and condemnation for their part in trying to save Tennessee from itself (the state has one of the worst COVID death rates and lowest vaccination rates in America).

The 15-minute clip does a good job of showing just how aggressive and how off-the-rails the choice-and-liberty mob there really is, and it ends poignantly with the couple tearfully driving away from their "forever home" in a removal truck, just two more victims of America's misguided love affair with liberty at any price.

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