Thursday, November 04, 2021

Ontario's embarrassing "doctors"

Speaking of the anti-vaccine axis, it's embarrassing to report that at least four doctors right here in Ontario have been issuing COVID vaccine exemptions to all and sundry for money. Medical exemptions should be extremely rare, in tbe region of one in a hundred thousand, according to the province's medical regulator, and doctors have been instructed to be judicious in the issuing of exemptions.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario is applying to the Ontario Supreme Court to force the four MDs - yes, let's name them: Dr. Rochagne Killian, Dr. Mark Raymond Trozzi, Dr. Celeste Jean Thirlwell and Dr. Mary Elizabeth O'Connor - to cooperate with the medical regulator's investigations into their COVID-19 practices, including their issuance of medical exemptions for vaccinations. All four have refused to release medical records requested by the College, claiming that the medical regulator does not have the required jurisdiction (i.e. they don't want anyone poking around in their books, and are doing everything they can to obstruct the investigations).

Dr. Killian has had her medical license suspended, after having already been barred from issuing medical exemptions for COVID. She runs a website called Enable Air which claims it "facilitates the purchase of vaccination exemptions for a fee", and describes vaccination passports as a "fascist document". 

Dr. Trozzi was also barred from issuing exemptions last month, after arguing that doctors are "free to provide medical exemptions related to COVID-19 vaccinations as he or she sees fit". 

Dr. Thirlwell  says that the College lacks jurisdiction to "police" medical exemptions, and warns that any attempt to obtain records from her office will be "resisted physically, by secrity services".

Dr. O'Connor has, for some reason, called on the College to "define COVID-19", and has called the vaccines "gene therapy experiments ... being administered to humanity without consent". Don't ask me...

And this, mark you, is in Ontario. Not Texas. Not Tennesse. Ontario. I hang my head in shame.

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