Friday, November 23, 2018

Word of the Day - astroturfing

Today was the first time I encountered the word "astroturfing" to mean disguised lobbying by industries in order to "create the appearance of a grassroots movement and a larger chorus of voices than actually exists", something that is easier than ever before in today's wired (and wireless) world.
The example I came across was in an article about the powerful juice lobby, and a shady organization called the Canadian Juice Council which was established to promote sales of juice, and to bolster its credentials as a healthy food option (contrary to most independent research and advice).
Oh, and (from the same article) who knew that Tropicana, Dole, Ocean Spray and Naked Juice were all owned by Pepsico, and Minute Maid, Simply, Five Alive and Odwalla were all owned by Coca-Cola?

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