Friday, November 23, 2018

New elements in the periodic table named

The four new elements that were discovered a couple of years ago, and that neatly completed the 7th row of the periodic table, have finally been officially named.
Temporarily named for their atomic numbers - Ununtrium (113), Ununpentium (115), Ununseptium (117), and Ununoctium (118) - the four elements have now been named, following tradition, after the person or region of their discovery:
  • 113: Nihonium (Nh), after the Japanese word for Japan
  • 115: Moscovium (Mc), after Moscow, the capital of Russia
  • 117: Tennessine (Ts), after the American state of Tennessee
  • 118: Oganesson (Og), after Russian scientist Yuri Oganessian
The new elements are all but useless - they are radioactive, with a half life of just fractions of a second - but scientists are hard at work searching for even heavier new elements, which might actually be useful in some way.

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