Thursday, November 22, 2018

Trump's latest climate change tweet can't be just plain stupidity

Donald Trump, never one to miss any opportunity to display his ignorance, has logged another disgraceful tweet on climate change.
Referring to the unseasonably cool weather affecting the USA (and also Canada, I can assure you), he tweeted, "Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS. Whatever happened to Global Warming?" (his capitalization, I hardly need add). It's difficult to believe that people still believe and say things like this, although an article in Forbes suggests some reasons for the staying power of such "zombie theories".
So, either: 1) he is just plain stupid (could a plain stupid person become POTUS? - one would hope not); or 2) years of lapping up Fox News and Breitbart have persuaded him that climate change might actually work that way; or 3) he knows that what he says makes no sense, but is manipulative enough to say it anyway because it plays to the views of many of his less educated supporters.
I tend to lean towards the latter explanation, perhaps the least flattering one of them all.

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