Thursday, May 14, 2020

"Visit Blackpool" becomes "Do Not Visit Blackpool"

The British tourist town of Blackpool (yes, as in "Blackpool Rock") has resorted to desperate measures as Prime Minister Boris Johnson caves to pressure to start re-opening the British economy before the country is really ready. The Blackpool tourist office, known as "Visit Blackpool"  has rebranded itself on social media as "Do Not Visit Blackpool" in an attempt to actively discourage visitors as British lockdown restrictions are relaxed.
Mr. Johnson has ruled that, as of yesterday, people can now spend more time outdoors for leisure purposes, including sunbathing, and can travel any distance to do so. On the other hand, like many other places, the town of Blackpool prefers a more cautious approach, and is hoping to fully open up by July. Council leader Simon Blackburn says there's nothing he can do stop people from visiting, given Johnson's rash advice, but "absolutely nothing" will be open, neither attractions nor restaurants, so people should probably not bother. Even Blackpool hotels are saying that visitors should stay away for now.
According to the BBC, at least a couple of other English city councils have also rebranded themselves to discourage the tourist hordes: "Visit Chester" is now "Visit Chester (Soon)", and "Visit Liverpool" has become "Visit Liverpool Later".

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