Thursday, May 07, 2020

Elon Musk and Grimes name baby something unpronounceable and illegal

I have never commented before on an article from People magazine - I have never before knowingly READ an article from People magazine - but this particular celebrity snippet was so outrageous as to merit comment.
I am out of the loop on these things, but apparently noted wacko Elon Musk has chosen to name his first-born X Æ A-12 (don't ask me how it is pronounced). The actual article is about girlfriend Grimes' tetchy response to Musk's correction of her explanation of the poor baby's name (which is even more ridiculous), but I won't belabour that. It's enough that Musk, a businessman and soi-disant eco-visionary, feels the need to join the ranks of other celebrities (whom I won't glorify by listing here) who have imposed ridiculous names on their progeny.
The state of California, which only allows names made up of the 26 letters of the alphabet, is very unlikely to accept it as a legal name. But the damage is done: the man is an idiot, visionary or not, and Grimes (whom I otherwise quite like) is an idiot for encouraging him. These people should not be trusted with the upbringing of new generations.

If you were worried for the sanity of these people, fear not - they have since changeedthe baby's name to the much more palatable, and slightly more legal, X Æ A-xii. Those Roman numerals make all the difference.

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