Monday, May 18, 2020

Korean football club has a rather raunchy crowd

South Korea's football league has restarted after the hiatus caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. But, out of an abundance of caution, the stands remain empty of fans.
Some clubs have taken to populating some of the stadium seats with cardboard cutouts or manikins in order to make it seem a little less ghostly and empty (which is a bizarre and slightly creepy idea in itself). FC Seoul proudly installed 30 "premium manikins", 28 female and 2 male. But the premium manikins turned out to actually be sex dolls, some of them advertising x-rated websites, which in straightlaced Korea, where pornography is technically banned, is a bit of a faux pas.
The company that makes the manikins apparently offered its products to the football club for free, and I guess someone just neglected to do a bit of due dilligence. But you'd think the ratio of female manikins to male might have been enough to set some alarm bells ringing.

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