Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Amazon selling sexually explicit clothing for children

Apparently, Amazon is selling a whole range of children's clothing emblazoned with the phrase "I love cock"

You can buy little girl's dresses that have the words plastered all over over it, "girl's sporty swimwear" (modelled by a young lady of about 8 years) with the motif front and centre, and hoodies apparemtly aimed at young boys with "I love cock" proudly printed on the chest. Another t-shirt, available in adult and child sizes, is described as having "referred to a sexual act involving 'daddy' and 'cock' ".

So, the question is: who is selling this stuff and, more importantly, who is buying it? And what was Amazon thinking when it featured these items on its website?

After complaints, Amazon has taken down at least some of the offending items, as they clearly contravene the company's own guidelines, but others were apparently still available for sale.

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