Sunday, November 01, 2020

MAGA Drag the Interstate and other bizzarro election stunts

Yet another Trump post. Sorry. Anyone would think there's an election in the offing or something...

The latest wizard wheeze that the more lawless of Trump's supporters have come up with is the so-called #MAGADragTheInterstate: pro-Trump supporters in oversized cars and trucks have been blocking freeways across the country, including New Jersey, New York, Texas, Arizona and Washington. 

And, as far as I can tell, that's about it. They just sit there, gridlocked in their own traffic jam, hitting their horn, pumping their fists, and shouting inexplicable things like "Shut it down, baby!" and "You suck!"

No-one - with the possible exception of the perpetrators themselves, although don't rely on that - has a clue what they feel they are achieving, other than making people hate them even more. They seem quite pleased that they are able to make emergency services take a longer, slower route to the hospital (in at least one case) which is kind of bizarre.

Trump supporters in a "Trump train" also surrounded and harrassed the Biden campaign bus in Texas, on Friday, almost forcing one vehicle off the road, and causing the cancellation of several Democrat campaign stop. Trump, of course, tweeted his approval of this adolescent and dangerous behaviour, in a typically adolescent and dangerous manner. The FBI is investigating the incident, but I don't suppose that will unduly worry the guy, who is now completely off the rails.

Then, on Monday, a boisterous Trump vehicle rally in Temecula, California, using the same #MAGADragTheInterstate hashtag, just happened to cut off a voting centre, disrupting voting and violating the 100ft electioneering law.

This is just thuggery and intimidation posing as political action, freedom of speech and non-violent resistence. You just know that most of these people are packing weapons, and any resistence would quickly evolve into violence and full-scale riots.

All you can do, really, is shake your head and sigh. I just feel sorry for the Democrats that will have to govern these low-lives and  deranged individuals. What a country!

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