Saturday, September 22, 2018

The day of the underdogs

I don't really follow American football, but I have to give a shoutout to perennial underdogs Cleveland Browns, who registered their first win in almost two years - 635 days - when they beat the New York Jets by 21-17. Apparently, it was a hard-fought game and a nail-biter, with the Browns desperately holding off several Jet's attacks at the end of the game.
The result came to my attention after hearing about a Browns support group called the Toronto Browns Backers right here in Toronto (yes, that's a thing). Apparently, the group, which meets for games in a pub in the Junction area of West Toronto, is a strong and long-lasting support group, which regularly gets up to a hundred rabid fans on game nights.
In a similar turnaround, my daughter's alma mater University of Waterloo's football team, the Warriors, which usually brings up the rear in the Ontario university football league, is having a bit of a moment, beating local rivals Laurer Golden Hawks to advance in the Vanier Cup championship, meriting a whole page article in the Globe and Mail. They get to play the reigning champs, Western Ontario Mustangs next, so the streak may not last that long. But it's always nice to see the underdogs get a day in the sun.

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