Monday, September 24, 2018

Simons' tone deaf line of bras

La Maison Simon's is a major department store and fashion retailer chain, established in Quebec back in 1840. It has 15 stores across Canada, as well as business offices in London, Paris and Hong Kong.
How, then, in 2018, could it be so commercially maladroit as to name a new range of bras after strong and successful Canadian women? Yes, they had a Nelly McClung bra, an Elsie McGill bra, a Clara Brett Martin bra. Worst of all they named one after Beverley McLachlin, former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, who happens to be still alive, and without even asking her permission!
Ms. McLachlin, not too surprisingly, complained when she found out about this, and Peter Simons, the current CEO of the company has abjectly apologized and promptly withdrawn the offending line of underwear.
But, really, what goes through these people's minds?

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