Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thank God for...nothing!

The recent news story about a woman in the US who was rescued alive after spending eight days suspended by a seat-belt inside a crashed SUV, tracked down by the dying peeps from her cellphone, was one of those heart-warming stories the media like to use as evidence that they don't just report the bad news.
But what really snagged my attention was her husband's reaction: "I cannot believe that God got her through eight days for her to die in hospital".
So it was through God's will that she survived? Whose will was it that she crashed in the first place, then? And then kept her hidden for eight traumatic days?
I'm tempted to say that "only in America" does this kind of selective attribution nonsense occur. But then I remembered another recent incident where a Canadian woman survived a fiery Thai plane crash, and the woman's sister observed "God was definitely watching out for her".
Too bad he wasn't watching out for her before she got on the plane, and that he wasn't watching out for the 88 passengers who died in that crash.

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