Monday, October 05, 2020

President Trump doesn't get it, but he's got it

While Donald Trump is sojourning in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, taking untested drugs that have not been cleared for general use, and are not available to other Americans, he has apparently also been learning all about COVID-19. What now? After 8 months? He now assures us that, "I get it and understand it".

Except, he clearly doesn't. He felt it quite reasonable to go for a little drive around in his armoured, chemical attack-protected monster truck, so that he could give his supporters a regal wave, and assure them that he is still alive. Everyone else, though, is thinking, WTF? Doctors have called it "insanity, "completely unnecessary", "political theater", and "the height of irresponsibility". 

Secret Service agents have been complaining that, "he's never cared about us", and regularly puts them in unnecessary danger without a thought. Political optics are paramount and, as a former national security adviser wryly comments, "The President [is] always a showman and concerned about the optics".

So, he "gets it"? All you can really say is that "he's got it" (i.e. the virus).


Trump followed up his joyride with a capitalized Twitter outburst, excessive even by his own extreme standards, which has led one doctor to hypothesize "steroid-induced psychosis".

I guess he's bored.

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