Wednesday, October 14, 2020

If all Canada buys is pickup trucks and SUV, how will we reduce emissions?

Four of the top five best-selling vehicles in Canada this year are pick-up trucks. The other one's a SUV). 

  1. Ford F-series (e.g. F-150)
  2. FAA Ram
  3. Toyota RAV-4
  4. GMC Sierra
  5. Chevrolet Silverado

What is wrong with this picture?

In fact, only two of Canada's ten best-sellijg vehicles are what you might call passenger cars. And, go figure, hybrids and electric vehicles, are not even close to featuring on the list. This is pretty much consistent with previous years. Long gone are the days when Canadians bought more cars than tucks and vans: now, about twice as many trucks, vans and SUVs as cars are being sold.

So, what was the plan to reduce Canada's GHG emissions? Carbon neutral by 2050 or something, wasn't it? Hah!

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