Thursday, June 11, 2020

Tories still appealing against pay equity ruling for care home workers

Back in 2019, long before COVID-19 was even a twinkle in a horseshoe bat's eye, the Ontario Divisional Court upheld a ruling that would ensure pay equity rights for workers in long-term care homes.
Because over 90% of workers in these institutions are female, the ruling called for "proxy pay equity", whereby female workers should be paid in line with comparable make municipal workers. Even though the 2019 decision specifically mandated that women's wages don't later fall behind those of their male proxies, and despite the temporary "pandemic pay" increases for front-line workers, unions warn that a gap has been opening up again, and nursing home owners are reluctant to close it.
What is less known is that, despite what has happened since (and is continuing to happen) in our long-term care homes, Doug Ford's Conservative government, as well as a bunch of private care homes (Extendicare, Chartwell, Sienna and Revera, to name names) are persisting in an appeal against that equity ruling, apparently unwilling to accept that the largely female workforce in these grim places are underpaid.
It beggars belief that, with all that has been going down in long-term care homes, and the toll it has been taking on the personal support workers and nurses there, the Tories should persist with this egregious appeal.

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