Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Canada improves position in World Competitiveness Ranking

I confess to having been a little surprised to find Canada in 8th spot in the latest World Competitiveness Ranking, a substantial improvement from 13th place in 2019.
That puts us above the USA, which fell from 3rd place to 10th, and well above China which fell from 14th to 20th. However, it still leaves us well below the likes of Singapore, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands and Hong Kong, which make up the top five in this year's listing.
The index is compiled each year by the Institute for Management Development, and compares countries based on four metrics: economic performance, government efficiency, business efficiency, and infrastructure, and overall it purports to measure the best places in the world to work and do business.
The big news of the report was the precipitous fall of the USA and China. But it is nice to see Canada doing well, despite the regular newspaper reports of how we are struggling to remain competitive in a changing world.

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