Thursday, May 17, 2018

US-Korea war games show they were not really serious about peace

Why would the USA and South Korea hold joint military drills when they are in the midst of delicate and important peace negotiations with North Korea? What did they think North Korea's response would be? "Oh, those boys! Aren't they cute?"
Not surprisingly, North Korea issued a strongly-worded condemnation of the military exercises in their back yard, as well they might. And this comes hard on the heels of the recent Panmunjom Declaration between North and South Korea, which appeared to pave the way towards a final peace treaty to officially end the Korean War, and possibly even a reunification of the peninsula (and who can forget those cute pictures of the two leaders skipping along hand in hand). And the prospective summit meeting between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump, scheduled for June 12, has probably also now gone up in flames.
Could they really not wait a bit longer to play their war games, which had already been delayed from their original schedule during the Winter Olympic Games? Oh, unless they actually don't really want to negotiate a peace treaty after all...

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