Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mike Pence's claims that religion is booming in the USA rings false

Notoriously religious US Vice President Mike Pence recently claimed, in a commencement speech to a bunch of fellow Christians in Michigan, that "Faith in America is rising again because President Trump and our entire administration have been advancing the very principles that you learned here in the halls of Hillsdale College". He backed this up with a tweet in which he says, "I still believe with all my heart that FAITH in America is rising."
Unfortunately, this is just not true, however much he might want it to be. The Pew Research Center, the journal Sociological Science and the Public Religion Research Center, all concur that church attendance and religious observance in general has been slipping for some years.
But then, that is the beauty of faith - it doesn't have to be true so long as you believe it.

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