Friday, April 27, 2018

Trump's Fox & Friends interview is a priceless exercise in postmodernism

That man Donald Trump, he's such a character. He's a journalist's gift from heaven. He has given the world many bizarre interviews and speeches. But his phone-in yesterday to his favourite TV show, Fox and Friends, was among the wildest and most unhinged. The stream-of-consciousness style, the non-sequiturs, the complete lack of anger management and sense of propriety: all were at their peak in this one interview.
A quick analysis of 53 of the biggest howlers in the President's responses by "Fake News CNN", give at least something of the flavour of the event, but there is no substitute for actually watching/listening. It's a doozy. And check out the interviewers' faces during some of the wilder moments - priceless!

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