Monday, January 16, 2023

Wyoming to ban the sale of electric vehicles (not a joke)

Much as I hate the place and all that it stands for, you kind of have to hand it to the state of Wyoming for having a sense of humour. Wyoming's state legislature is responding to moves by progresssive states like California and New York to ban the sale of gasoline vehicles by 2035 with its own resolution to ban the sale of electric vehicles by 2035.

Their "justification" is essentially that the oil and gas industry provides employment and income for the state and so needs to be supported.

Wyoming is a tiny maverick state of half a million people, and its action is almost entirely symbolic. But it is indicative of just how divided and fractured the country is, not least in the area of energy and climate change.

I'm not sure that the move is actually tongue-in-cheek - I think they are deadly serious - but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and applaud their sense of humour. Otherwise, it would just be too depressing. In reality, it's about as amusing as Ohio's move to rebrand natural gas as a "green" energy source.

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