Thursday, September 22, 2022

Is Toronto really the worst airport in the world?

Toronto Pearson International Airport has had a pretty bad rap recently, with some ageing ex-sports personalities bashing it as the worst airport in the world. And, of course, ignorant opposition politicians have tried to blame Justin Trudeau personally for it.

Admittedly, back in mid-summer, a FlightAware/Conde Nast survey put Toronto as the worst in the world (for delays specifically, with no consideration of overall customer satisfaction), and it has only recently started to claw it way back up that list. The most recent J D Power North America Airport Satisfaction Study has Toronto as 16th out of 20 among the "mega" airport category - not good, but not as bad as Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles or Boston. 

Worldwide? Who knows? But probably not the worst.

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