Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Depp and Heard exchange millions of dollars

I haven't exactly been following the Johnny Depp - Amber Heard court case with bated breath, although it's been hard to avoid it completely.

But the news that Depp has been award $15 million in damages for his libel claim, and Heard is to get $2 million for a defamation counter-claim, makes me wonder a bit. So, two rather nasty Hollywood personalities are to get a bunch more money. Big news! Call it a tie (although neither party is probably satisfied). Or you might see it as payment for a public performance. Certainly, millions of people have been captivated by their he-said-she-said allegations of (apparently mutual) domestic abuse. Maybe the whoe thing was just a show, a put-up?

Whatever you think about Johnny Depp getting $15 million he doesn't really need, the fact that Ms. Heard gets $2 million for essentially just defending herself against accusations of a hoax seems kind of ridiculous. (Apparently, Heard can't pay Depp $15 million anyway, because she is already $6 million in debt and stony broke. What? How do you get to be $6 million in debt?)

Millions here, millions there. What all these millions of dollars could do in more responsible hands!

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