Sunday, April 25, 2021

How can there be a racial supremacy group in lsrael of all places?

It's difficult to believe that, in Israel of all places, there is a racial supremacy group. 

Levaha is a Jewish supremacy organization, strongly opposed to assimilation, miscegenation and, indeed, any relations between Jews snd non-Jews. The group is quite active within Israel and growing. It has been blamed by many for the most recent outbreak of violence in the country, in which, of course, Palestinians are suffering much worse than Jewish Israelis.

Maybe it shouldn't surprise me. Israel is, after all, one of the most right-wing and repressive countries in the world (even if its right wing is riven by infighting), and is holding the Palestinian population in an apartheid stranglehold quite comparable to anything that South Africa was responsible for, back in the day. Notably, the younger generation in Israel is becoming even more right-wing than its elders.

It just seems surprising given the history of the Jewish people. Have they learned nothing from centuries of hate and prejudice?

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