Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Canada performs creditably in the Bloomberg COVID Resilience Ranking

The Bloomberg COVID Resilience Ranking is produced each month by Bloomberg, based on 10 moving indicators, including COVID cases, fatalities, positive test rates, access to vaccines, lockdown severity and freedom of movement, universal healthcare coverage, and economic prospects for 2020. Basically, it ranks the best places to be in the world during this pandemic.

As might be expected, New Zealand heads the list, followed by Taiwan, Australia, Norway, Singapore, Finland, Japan, South Korea, China, Denmark and Canada. Yes, surprising as it might be, Canada ranks No. 11 out of 53! Actually, pretty good, and above countries like Vietnam and Hong Kong, which I thought had done better.

Just for interest, Russia is at No. 18, the UK is No. 30, France is No. 34, and the USA is No. 37. Languishing down at the bottom are Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Greece.


There again, a more recent analysis by the Lowry Institute of Australia, using slightly different criteria, shows Canada performing much less creditably.

New Zealand is still at the top (followed by Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand), and Brazil is at the bottom (preceded by Mexico, Colombia, Iran and the USA). Canada, on this listing is down at No. 61 out of 98, barely above the UK (No. 66), and well below countries like Kenya and Kazakhstan.

Go figure!

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