Thursday, June 11, 2020

Trump in denial about latest opinion polls

I tried, but I just can't do it. I can't resist calling out that man Donald Trump for his latest stunt, the flailings of an increasingly desperate man.
Mr. Trump took exception to the latest CNN/SSRS poll that shows him trailing Joe Biden by 14 percentage points (55% - 41%) among registered voters, calling it fake news (or fake poll, in this case). Other recent polls by other pollsters have shown him trailing Biden by 8% - 10%. The CNN poll also shows the President's approval rating down at 38%, comparable to the approval ratings of one-term presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush at this point in their re-election years.
Trump's senior legal advisor wrote that, "It's a stunt and a phoney poll to cause voter suppression, stifle momentum and enthusiasm for the President". (Momentum?) This was accompanied by a formal request to retract the poll and to publish "a full, fair and conspicuous retraction, apology and clarification to correct its misleading conclusions".
You really can't make this stuff up. I'm almost going to miss him when he's gone. Almost.

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