Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tesla should just stick to what it does best

Tesla Inc, as a company, is going through a bit of a bad patch at the moment, but this is mainly a result of its obsession with automated driver assistance technology (AutoPilot), not of its development of an ultra-efficient, ground-breaking electric car.
Tesla's share price took another dive yesterday as the US National Transportation Safety Board confirmed that its AutoPilot system was responsible for three recent accidents. Yes, investors are also worried about the cash the company is burning as it continues to hone its product, but safety worries are going to outweigh all other considerations when it comes to cars.
The thing is, Tesla's products are already fine as they are, and it really doesn't need to add excessive design features by including an AutoPilot feature. This is a fancy-schmancy refinement that only a few people really want. What the world needs is a top quality reliable electric car that can serve as a role model for the evolution of the industry. So, my advice? Don't try to be everything to everybody, just do what you do best.

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