Saturday, September 30, 2017

Ontario Liberal organization probably not responsible for data deletions

Unbelievably, the controversy over the Ontario Liberals' cancellation of two gas-fired power plants back in 2013 is still going on. A court case is currently underway into whether Dalton McGuinty's then chief of staff, David Livingston, illegally "double-deleted" emails about the cancellation.
As part of this trial, Ontario's then corporate chief information officer, David Nicholls, has testified that he went out of his way to make clear to Livingston, in writing and on more than one occasion, that any documents and emails regarding the controversial cancellations should be preserved in the archives, specifically to avoid the type of allegations of improper deletion of documents that have actually come to pass.
The responsibility for ignoring this sound advice, then, seems to rest entirely with Livingston the individual, and his deputy chief of staff Laura Miller, and they will probably answer for it. The Liberal organization as a whole, though, appears to be innocent of the kind of skullduggery imputed to them by their political opponents.
The case has been adjourned until the middle of October now, but it would be very nice if it were soon put away once and for all before the campaigning for the next election begins in earnest, so that yet another election campaign does not get bogged down in useless and distracting speculation and name-calling. I say this not as a Liberal supporter but as an Ontario voter.

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