Monday, March 06, 2017

Human sacrifices in thriving Modern India

India likes to portray itself as a modern, cosmopolitan country, open for business with the rest of the civilized world. Then something like this happens and we are reminded that much of the country is floundering around in the Dark Ages.
In the state of Karnataka, sandwiched between the tourist beaches of Goa and the hi-tech business world of Hyderabad, arrests have been made in connection with the human sacrifice of a 10-year old girl. A self-proclaimed "sorcerer" gave the instructions for the sacrifice as the only way to "cure" a paralyzed man who he said was the victim of "black magic". The man's brother and sister and a 17-year old boy, who all helped to abduct the child, have also been arrested on charges of aiding and abetting the murder, and still others may yet be implicated. The unfortunate girl's body was found by neighbours in a black bag, along with materials to be used in "black magic" rituals. Local residents were up in arms about the incident (the murder, not the arrests), and a mob gathered, pelting the arrestees' home with stones.
Welcome to Modern India, folks!

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