Saturday, January 21, 2017

Criticism of black rights protests is not racist

I am kind of conscious that many of my blog posts that deal with race tend to be quite negative in tone, and I just wanted to clarify one or two things, with that in mind.
I am not a racist or anti-black in any way - but Donald Trump would probably claim as much, so that means very little.
What I do often object to are the tactics and even the longer-term strategies of many black activist groups (Black Lives Matter being an obvious example), which re often divisive and unnecessarily confrontational. Yes, I understand that their very raison d'ĂȘtre is confrontation and opposition, but what I object to is their acquiescence with sacrificing other worthy causes - here I am thinking of feminism, gay rights, etc - in the pursuit of their own. In an era where inclusivity and so-called "intersectionality" are supposed to be all the rage, many black rights activists only seem to like intersectionality when it is in their own interests.
This is obviously a vast generalization, and just my own personal impression, of course. But personal impressions are what I am communicating here.

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