Tuesday, October 18, 2016

First hijab-wearing Muslim to appear in Playboy

Noor Tagouri is a 22 year old American (born in Libya) Muslim journalist and motivational speaker who has ruffled some feathers in the Middle East by becoming the first hijab-wearing Muslim to pose for Playboy.
Yes, she's good-looking, but, more to the point, she's smart as a whip and extremely articulate. And remember, "posing" in Playboy is not what it used to be, since the venerable magazine stopped publishing pictures of fully nude women about a year ago.
As Noor tells it, though, what better place is there for her to tell her own story, and that of other Muslim Americans like her, than a media organ that has traditionally modelled itself around the objectification of women? After all, there is no point in preaching to the converted, is there?
Interestingly, she tells how she has had some push-back in the US too over her wearing of the hijab, and sometimes employers are reticent to take her on, and some interview subjects are unwilling to talk to her. Ms. Tagouri however, feels that some more marginalized subjects are actually more likely to trust her - another outsider - with their story.
Power to her!

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