Saturday, June 04, 2016

Vasile Cepoi certain to win Romanian town election

The small town of Draguseni in Romania is in for an interesting mayoral election tomorrow. The incumbent, Vasile Cepoi, is seeking a fourth term as Mayor, but he is facing a stiff challenge from two other candidates, both of whom just happen to be called ... Vasile Cepoi.
The two challengers are representing two different centre-right political parties, so the current centre-left Mayor Cepoi is convinced that it is all part of a nefarious right-wing plot to oust him by any means possible. The two challengers - who are not related, either to each other, or to the incumbent mayor - deny any collusion, and maintain that they are standing for election on their own individual merits and platforms.
To be fair, Vasile is a hugely popular name in Romania, and Cepoi is also a common family name in that region of Romania near the Moldova border.

The winner of the Draguseni election was ... Vasile Cepoi

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