Friday, December 18, 2015

Most of what is wrong with America

I couldn't help but weigh in on the festive card that is making the rounds of the press and the interwebs. The bizarre Christmas card sent out by Nevada congresswoman Michele Fiore features a photo of Michele and her extended family - including little 5-year-old Jake - all dressed in festive red and toting various kinds of guns.
Nevada politician Michelle Fiore's Christmas card.
Michelle is the chunky blonde in the centre, looking quite comfortable with what looks like a sawn-off shotgun (see how little I know about these things), which according to the helpful key at the top is apparently a "super shorty". Yes, the guns are also introduced by name.
Ms. Fiore is what you might call outspoken about the Second Amendment rights of Americans. Among other things, she has sponsored a bill to allow concealed firearms on the campuses of colleges and grade schools and in day care facilities, and she has a bunch of over-the-top gun-related quotes to her name for those interested enough to look for them.
But doesn't this card make her at least borderline psychotic? What was she thinking? Can she not be arraigned for encouraging child soldiers or something? This exemplifies everything that is wrong (well, most of it) with the United States of America.

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