Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Naked tourists vs. Malaysan authorities (0 - 0)

I don't know who to despair about more, the Malaysian Department of Foreign Affairs or the feckless bunch of foreign tourists who have been blamed for causing a 5.9 magnitude earthquake and landslide which has killed at least 16 trekkers and trapped scores more.
It seems that Mount Kinabalu is "sacred", and the naked cavortings of the tourists on its summit were such an affront to the mountain that it responded by causing an earthquake. This apparently is the Malaysian government's official line. Yes, in 2015.
Whether the tourists (including two twenty-something Canadian siblings) were expected to know that the mountain was sacred is almost a moot point. In their single-minded pursuit of salacious selfies, they have to be considered almost as ignorant and half-baked as the Malaysian authorities.
No-one comes out of this report looking good.

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