Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shifting Sands

Last week the Globe and Mail ran an excellent eight-part series of in-depth articles about the Canadian oil patch - the oil sands of Alberta - under the title "Shifting Sands":
Part 1: An empire from a tub of goo
Part 2: The kinder, gentler energy superpower
Part 3: Why Cape Breton shakes in the echo of this distant boom
Part 4: Life on the cold side of the country's hottest economy
Part 5: Frugal Norway saves for life after the boom
Part 6: The climatic costs of rapid growth
Part 7: Looking for solutions to the carbon conundrum
Part 8: Canada, the world and the oil sands
I thought Part 5 in particular was very interesting. I had read before about Norway's ultra-sensible treatment of their significant oil revenues, but this was a good summary, and the comparisons with Alberta and Canada were very telling, I thought.

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