Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Read: Who are you kidding, Canada?

Canada is embarrassing its citizens again on the international scene as Our Glorious Leader, Stephen Harper heads to the G8 meeting at Heiligendamm vowing to "mediate" between those countries committed to specific greenhouse gas reductions and the others (read: the ones who are doing most of the polluting).
His Environment Minister (read: fall guy), John Baird, is quoted as saying "We won't have an effective plan unless we get countries like the United States and like China on board." This makes the audacious (and unfounded) claim that the Canadian government is in fact "on board".
Now, assuming anyone takes Mr. Harper's offer seriously in the first place, he will presumably have to explain why Canada (along with the US) still has the highest per capita CO2 emissions among the major world players, and among the highest increases since the base year of 1990 (although not quite on a par with Brazil, China, Mexico and India).
That hardly puts him in a good mediating position, I wouldn't have thought (read: who are you kidding, Harper?)

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