Thursday, April 26, 2007

A whole truckload of environmental blogs

I recently came across some very good (largely American) blogs with a generally environmental bent, which I thought it worthwhile sharing (especially as they are more uptodate, more athoritative and better written than mine - hell, they even have pictures...)
These include:

  • CleanTech Blog, which looks at technological developments from an environmental perspective;
  • Joel Mackower's Blog, which looks at business and marketing developments, again with an environmental spin;
  • The Energy Blog, for the latest in green and sustainable energy;
  • Clean Break, on clean technologies, green policies and trends in sustainable development in Canada;
  • Eco Geek, more clean tech news.
  • MetaEfficient, a guide to very efficient things.
The CleanTech Blog, also has links to hundreds of other similar blogs. It makes you realize just how many such blogs there are out there (and why mine gets so few hits and no comments!)
Among several articles which caught my eye (and which I now no longer feel the need to report on in detail) were:

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