Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fashion arrogance

There was a glossy unsolicited magazine called The Look in today's Globe and Mail. Normally it would go, unopened, straight into the recycling, but today I idly flicked through it, and came across an editorial which included the sentence
Nowadays you really would have to be a narrow-minded, two-faced, ignorant scab not to appreciate the rich diversity in the men's fashion sent down the runways of the world.
Now, I am a broad-minded sort of a guy, of average or above-average intelligence, and, so far as mirrors allow, I am only aware of having the regulation single face. But I absolutely don't appreciate men's fashions nor, from what I saw in the magazine, the diversity thereof.
Which I guess leaves me as a "scab", insofar as I am now even more disposed to boycott any kind of fashion world which engenders that level of arrogance and, let it be said, narrow-mindedness.

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