Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Georgia Senate run-offs called for Democrats - look out!

Some, but not all, news outlets have already called the two Georgia Senate run-off elections, both in favour of the Democrats.

Get ready for civil war...


Yup, here we go. Trump supporters forced their way into the Capitol in Washington DC, while a joint session of Congress was underway to certify Joe Biden's electoral win. Vice President Mike Pence (who had just rejected Trump's last-ditch pressure to block Biden's win) was hastily ushered out of the building, and the whole area was locked down by security forces. Members of Congress in the building were advised to don gas masks, before being evacuated to a safe place. Four people are reported to have died during the armed standoff, one shot and three dead from separate mysterious "medical emergencies".

Footage of coup attempts in Venezuela and Belarus are probably trending as we speak. And that noise? It's the sound of America's reputation going down the toilet.

Meanwhile, almost as a footnote to all these shenanigans, both Georgia run-offs were indeed called for the Democrats and the Democratic Party now has the trifecta - control of the Presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate - which will make Joe Biden's job of undoing all the havoc that has been wreaked in the country over the last four year just a bit easier. On any other day, this would be huge news; today, it received scant attention.

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