Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Ontario's back-to-school plan just became even more of a shambles

A week or two before Ontario's schoolkids head back to school (and aren't I glad not to have school-age kids any more!), and it has slipped out, seemingly in passing, that many classes may need to be combined ("collapsed") because there are not enough kids to fill them because so many have chosen to elect for online home tuition.
Wait, wasn't that a big part of the reason for the online schooling option, so that there would be fewer kids in the classrooms, allowing them to physically distance, and hopefully avoid transmitting the coronavirus (remember that?) Isn't that why various levels of government have been throwing money at the problem?
And now, after parents have made that difficult decision, they are being told that "ministry directives" dictate that school boards do not have the option to maintain lower class sizes, and that class sizes must remain the same, regardless of the online opt-outs. Many parent are understandably confused and flummoxed by the news, and even our hands-on premier Doug Ford seemed to be blindsided by it.
What a shambles!

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