Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A pair of criminals propose a "peace plan" for Palestine

It makes quite a picture: two old white guys in black suits blithely shrugging off serious threats to their credibility and integrity, and making totally impractical and already discredited plans for the fate of a whole country, thereby throwimg the entire region into yet more instability and violent turmoil.
Looking through that sentence, I could probably have been referring to any number of personages throughout history. But, as it happens, I am referring to Benjamin Neyanyahu and Donald Trump - one newly indicted on corruption charges and one in the middle of an impeachment trial - as they propose a "peace plan", which just happens to be exactly what Israel has been calling for for decades, and which takes into account the Palestinian viewpoint not a whit.
Should these characters even be out in public, never mind be making pronouncements that affect the lives of millions of people?

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