Friday, August 09, 2019

Trump plastic straws mind-boggling their political incorrectness

I heard about this on the radio, but didn't believe it, so improbable did it seem. But apparently it is no joke, and the Donald Trump 2020 election campaign is indeed selling plastic straws with the Trump name emblazoned on them, and the sales tag lines, "Liberal paper straws don't work", and "Making straws great again". The straws say they are recyclable, except they actually aren't recyclable in most jurisdictions.
Leveraging his usual anti-environmental stance, which still seems remarkably popular with his core supporters, the straws sell at $15 for 10, plus shipping, but have still managed to raise the Trump campaign nearly half a million dollars in their first week alone.
Chutzpah doesn't really cover it. You almost have to admire the guy. Almost.

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