Monday, June 04, 2018

Doug Ford is for the big guy - himself

Don't believe a word of it. When Doug Ford says, "I am for the little guy", what he means is, "I am for the big guy", namely himself.
He had no ideology and no platform other than to dangle tempting but politically empty ideas - cheaper gas and electricity, sacking the CEO of Hydro One, selling beer and wine in corner stores, "buck-a-beer" cheaper alcohol, lower taxes, subways, subways, subways - whatever dog-whistle populist issues he thinks might get him elected, with no thought for how they might be paid for, or how they might fit into some kind of an economic plan for the province. He is what The Guardian calls "a mercenary for the millionaire class".
I understand that people want a change from the Liberals, and that Kathleen Wynne.has been disappointing. Even she has now counted herself out. But if the choice is between Doug Ford-ism (I won't say conservatism, because some individual candidates are actually fiscal and/or social conservatives), and a reasonably centrist NDP (guilty as they are of a few dog-whistle policies of their own, e.g. subsidizing electricity), then please let's go with the party that has at least some sort of a cohesive plan. It may not be exactly the plan you would like, but any plan is better than no plan. Better the devil you know...
Don't let Ford do a Trump and turn the calendar back decades. Those were not actually the good old days.

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