Monday, February 12, 2007

US military spending madness

If George W. has his way in the upcoming US military budget revisions, the United States will finally reach the emotive level whereby their military spending (at an unimaginable $622 billion a year in total, it is estimated, when all the disparate elements are added together) will equal more than the rest of the world's put together. The next closest rivals in this dubious league are Russia and China, both with less than $100 billion each.
Put another way, the annual US budget for arms would be more than the GDPs of all but the 17 richest countries in the world. The proposed increase of $40 billion alone is more than the GDPs of half of the world's countries, and more than the total military budgets of all but UK, China, Russia, France and Japan.
Put another way, the US is set to spend almost 30 times as much on its military as on foreign aid (set at $21.3 billion for 2007).
Put another way, we can expect another war this year...

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